Hell yeah.

Underscoring the Democrats’ dissatisfaction, Senator Robert Byrd, an outspoken critic of the decision to go to war, announced late in the day that he would not allow the Senate to approve Ms. Rice without a few days of consideration of her lengthy testimony, and at least a token debate on the floor. His refusal to join in the unanimous consent of all Senators for a quick vote effectively torpedoed the administration’s hopes to have her nomination approved Thursday.

Damn right it’s better than yours.

This, Boxer’s move on the Ohio vote certification, Harry’s pushing of a really good meme (psst! “dead horse”) … I mean, really, why the hell not? The task of an opposition party is not necessarily to win. Sometimes it’s to sharpen its teeth and die hard, hard enough to make an impression, hard enough to be remembered and, once again, admired.

No retreat. No surrender.