Answer Every Lie

The nice thing about being stuck in an airport, at least one with free wireless access, was getting caught up on my reading. And all I have to say about this is yeah, what Frank said:

So why aren’t our Senators and Representatives taking every single opportunity they have to deconstruct the lies and distortions constantly put forth by the Republicans and the Bush administration? Why isn’t every Democrat speech in the Senate and House peppered with direct attacks on those lies?

Certainly here in my little corner of the universe there’s not a lot I can do. My audience is tiny (although appreciated), so nothing I write here will get very far. What I can do, though, is write this and reach those I can. I can write my Senators (Feinstein and Boxer) and my Representative (Harman) and not just request but as much as demand that they leave defense and go on the attack. That they start screaming loudly every minute, that every single fucking time a Republican makes a statement, a Democrat is there shouting him down, calling him the liar he is. That they start beating up the media for abrogating its responsibility to report the truth, not just “he said, she said” assertions. That they use every single tool at their disposal to oppose, impede, delay or slow Republican programs. No matter what those programs happen to be, because if it’s a Republican program, you can be damned sure that there’s something about it that stinks. And that goes double for the Executive Branch.

This was written before Boxer became a heavyweight champ, Kerry found his balls again and Harry Reid proved not to be a complete wuss, but it still stands. Our Democratic senators and representatives are not doing enough to voice our concerns as truth to power, and we need to tell them that. Don’t be discouraged if the letters you write get a form note in response. You’re making your voice heard. You’re not the one who has anything to be ashamed of. You shout as loud as you can with the voice that you have and if others don’t do the same, that’s between them and their conscience. You do what you have to do.

Look what happened during the campaign when Kerry started speaking out about the war. Look at the crowds he drew, at the people who waited in the dark and in the rain. We still have the power of those numbers. That wasn’t nothing. We can do something with that, if we keep the pressure up, if we make our reps remember that they lead 49 million of us, if we tell them we approve when they are strong and unashamed. They watch our backs, we’ll watch theirs. It’s time for them to step up.