The Other American Body Count

From Holden:

Lunaville reports 1,435 U.S. servicemen and women killed in Iraq since Bush decided he had to invade a country that did not threaten us in order to appear to be a “wartime president” and win re-election. However, many other Americans have been killed and wounded in Iraq without being included in that total.

At least 232 employees of private contractors have been killed in Iraq while working on U.S. military and reconstruction contracts, according to a quarterly report to Congress.


It cited Labor Department figures in reporting that U.S contractor deaths rose 93 percent during the fourth quarter of 2004 and said attacks on sites, employees and construction projects averaged 22 per week during the quarterly reporting period ended Jan. 5.

The claims were reported to the Labor Department under the Defense Base Act that requires all U .S. government contractors to acquire workers’ compensation insurance for employees working in Iraq.

The IG report said the number of claims for workers missing more than four days of work because of injuries rose 61.8 percent in the fourth quarter, to a total of 728 claims.