Scalp Collecting: Francais Edition

Via First Drafter snarkey, we find that, much like bloggers, French reporters also have the unpardonable nerve to investigate and expose wrongdoing:

PARIS: Finance Minister Herv Gaymard of France, under pressure after a report revealed that he and his family were living in a state-funded apartment off the Champs-Elyses in Paris, said Wednesday that he would give up the luxurious apartment.

The debate grew so hot so fast that Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin decided Wednesday night to limit the size of apartments put at the disposal of government ministers.

Le Canard Enchain, a weekly newspaper specializing in political exposs, said Gaymard, his wife and their eight children were living in a two-story, 600-square-meter, or about 6,500-square-foot, apartment in one of the French capital’s most expensive neighborhoods, along with a butler, a cook, a nanny and two housekeepers

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