A New Motto for the U.S. Marines: “Utter Contempt for Humanity”

From Holden:

Note to all you bankers and convenience store owners: take down your video surveilace cameras. Videotape of a crime as it is being committed is no longer considered to be evidence.

A US marine, captured on film killing a wounded Iraqi at point blank range during November’s assault on Fallujah, will not be formally charged because of a lack of evidence, CBS News reported yesterday.

The November 13 shooting occurred during a search of a mosque in a widely broadcast incident that sparked worldwide outrage. The International Committee of the Red Cross said it showed “utter contempt for humanity”.

An embedded NBC cameraman filmed a trooper raising his rifle and shooting at point blank an apparently unarmed, wounded Iraqi slumped against a mosque wall.

Although the insurgents were found to be unarmed, investigators said one of the marines believed he had seen one moving possibly for a weapon.