More Trouble in Our 51st State

From Holden:

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham must have left his rose-colored glasses at home when he visited Iraq this week.

South Carolina U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, back from a weeklong journey overseas, offered the sobering assessment Friday that American troops will be in Iraq for years and casualties are likely for some time to come.


“The Iraqi people are more empowered but the security situation is worse,” he said. “We had a lot less freedom to move around. In many ways in terms of security it is not better off than [sic] all.”


“Casualties in Iraq are very likely for Americans for a time to come,” Graham warned. “I am hopeful this political process if we support it will pay dividends.”


Graham said Americans should not think that simply because Iraq has held elections, the troops will be coming home anytime soon.

“We’re still in Germany and South Korea 50 years later,” Graham said. “It took years after the fall of Tokyo and Berlin before a functioning democracy was up and running. I see no reason it will not take years in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Hmmmm. Fifty more years in Iraq and Afghanistan? Funny, I don’t recall hearing a discussion of that timeframe prior to the invasion.

Here’s some more good news on Freedom’s March.

Armed rebels have blocked the main road, connecting Baghdad to the Southern regions of Iraq with predominant Shia population, RIA Novosti reported. According to information of the radio station Sava, the situation in the Southern regions has obviously worsened.