Mama, Won’t You Take Me Back To Bush Boom County

From Holden:

OK, so that’s a failed attempt to link John Prine to My Bush Boom.

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time once again to look at the weekly new jobless numbers. You’re going to read headlines like this today: New Jobless Claims Fall By 10,000 to 330,000.

That means that last week the Labor Department reported 340,000 new jobless claims, right? Wrong, last week they reported 334,000 new claims. This week they revised that number, adding 6,000 new claims. The previous week they added 3,000 claims to the number originally reported for the prior week (350,000 was the original number).

Do you see how this works? Can we guess what will happen to today’s number next week?

Here’s the kicker, from ABC News:

The closely watched four-week moving average, viewed by economists as a better gauge of labor trends because it irons out weekly volatility, rose for the sixth consecutive week, climbing to 338,000 from 337,750 to its highest level since Dec. 4.

So, where’s My Bush Boom?