Bolton Vote Postponed

From Holden:

The longer, the better.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday postponed until Tuesday the vote on John R. Bolton’s nomination as US ambassador to the United Nations amid continued controversy over Bolton’s suitability for the post.


The delay in the vote gives Democrats more time to find evidence that might persuade Senator Lincoln Chafee, Republican of Rhode Island, to vote against Bolton. Chafee, whose vote could defeat the nomination, said after Tuesday’s hearing that he was still listening to the evidence, but that he had not yet seen a pattern of so-called abuse serious enough to merit voting against Bolton.

Condi Stamps Her Little Feet

Yesterday, in the wake of Ford’s description of Bolton as a “serial abuser,” Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice defended President’s Bush’s choice of ambassador as the best person to bring reform the world body.

“It’s certainly not the John Bolton that I know or that a lot of other people know,” Rice said yesterday, when asked about the allegations. “I expect that John is going to be a very good leader of the people who are diplomats at the United States’ UN mission.

“He has a lot of people who have worked for him who are loyal to him, and where he has brought out the best in his people. And that’s the management that I expect from John and I fully expect to see,” she said.