Michelle and Timmy, Sittin’ in a Tree

From Holden:

Poor Michelle Maglalang. She wants so badly to express her love for Timothy McVeigh as her mentor has done in the past, but she just doesn’t write well enough to pull it off.

Michelle opens her post today on the 10th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing with Charles H. Porter IV’s Pulitzer Prize winning photo of Oklahoma City fire Capt. Chris Fields carrying an injured 1-year-old Baylee Almon to safety. But with that homage to partiotism and small children out of the way she gets to the meat of her post.

First she heaps derision on those who seek to understand and combat domestic terrorism…

Highlighting right-wing militia groups “in disarray,” ABC News asks “Is there still a threat?” You’ll be hearing a lot today from the Southern Poverty Law Center, which admits that the militia movement is all but dead, but persists in hyping fear about purported racist hate groups–among which the SPLC lumps pro-immigration enforcement organizations. [Emphasis mine.]

Following that bit of bile, Michelle tips her spikey helmet to McVeigh’s cause.

It is also the anniversary of the Waco siege and murders, which will go little noticed today.

Keep up the good work, Michelle, you may get that Time cover yet.