Stop Bolton Now

From Holden:

From Steve Clemons’ Washington Note:

One Senator — any U.S. Senator — can go down to the floor of the U.S. Senate today at 2 p.m. and say the following:

Mr./Madame Chairman: As the U.S. Senate has been in session for more than two hours, I hereby object to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee meeting. . .until adequate and complete answers posed by esteemed Members of this Senate to the administration are responded to, in full, by the administration.

Until that occurs, I object to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee holding further meetings.

That would shut the committee down. It would create another delay, and every single day that there has been more time, another major story has emerged on John Bolton.

Call your Senators. This is important. There is no way that the Bush administration should be able to get away with such arrogance of power in the face of the possibility of a more enlightened approach.

Unfortunately, both of my Texas senators are in Chimpy’s back pocket. So I’m counting on you to call one of your senators, if you are fortunate enough to be represented by one with a sense of decency.