The Senate Sends a Message

From Holden:

Via Juan Cole, the Senate is sick and tired of Chimpy’s “emergency” off-budget appropriations for his endless wars.

In a symbolic blow to the Bush administration, the U.S. Senate has signaled its disdain for funding Iraq military operations outside the annual budget cycle.

The Senate attached a non-binding resolution Monday evening to the $80.7 billion supplemental 2005 spending bill now being considered. The resolution said war funds should be allocated in annual budget requests from the White House.


Receiving support from 21 Republicans, Senate Appropriations ranking member Robert Byrd’s, D-W.Va., amendment reflects a growing bipartisan unease with the limited oversight being given to the funding during a period of immense budget deficits.

Go visit Dr. Cole’s place today to learn more about the Iraqi parliament member who objected to being manhandled by U.S. troops when he tried to enter the Green Zone, an incident I discussed yesterday (here and here). The US Central Command has released its version of the incident, which strangely enough differs from that of the Iraqi politician, Fatah al-Sheikh.