Buh-Bye, Bolton

From Holden:

Christopher Dood lays it all out for Bush family friend Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation.

DODD: These are the most serious allegations, this and the intimidation of intelligence analysts. There needs to be a firewall, in my view, between policy-setters and intelligence. That wall ought to be sacrosanct. In the case of Mr. Bolton, on five different occasions over a space of 48 months, confirmed by a series of witnesses, all of whom are officials in the Bush administration, Mr. Bolton sought to have fired two intelligence analysts, one at the State Department, one at the Central Intelligence Agency. To me, once you’ve done that–it’s not about his personality and how blunt he is or how–whether or not he’s got the management skills. Those aren’t things that I’m as concerned about as I am violating this wall between policy and intelligence.

We’ve been through a terrible time in recent past history where we’ve seen intelligence being distorted. We’ve made policy decisions on the basis of that distortion. I don’t think any American, regardless of your politics, wants to see that wall violated. Mr. Bolton violated it. That’s the problem I have with his nomination.

[Emphasis added.]

Senator Dodd even had a little piece of advice for the Chimp in Chief.

SCHIEFFER: Do you think that he ought to withdraw his name?

DODD: I would. I would hope he would. I think he’s going to embarrass the president. I think he’s going to have a very difficult job serving if he’s confirmed narrowly by the Senate. He should withdraw or the president ought to withdraw this nomination. There are plenty of other good people who embrace his ideological views who can go up and do exactly what [Sen.] Mitch [McConnell] is talking about at the UN. John Bolton is not that individual.

UPDATE: Judd Leggum catches Novak lying about Chris Dodd’s statement.