Hot on the Trail

From Holden:

Once again, a hat-tip to the information clearinghouse known as Dan Froomkin.

Have you seen this man (the bald guy)?

The Denver Three have.

The chairman of the Colorado Young Republicans was one of the people involved in a March 21 incident in which three Denver residents were forcibly removed from a speech given by President Bush because of a bumper sticker.

Jay Bob Klinkerman [that’s the bald Jay Bob in the photo above], leader of the state group for Republicans ages 18 to 40, admitted in an interview that he was at the gate of the Wings over the Rockies Museum when the three people were stopped.


Two of the three who were removed, [Karne] Bauer and Leslie Weise, said that Klinkerman is the event volunteer who was wearing a magenta shirt and smiley-face tie that night, and told them, “Secret Service is coming down to talk to your group.”

Then a man who looked and acted like a Secret Service agent arrived and threatened them with arrest. He allowed them to enter but then found them 20 to 30 minutes later and forced them to leave.

But Klinkerman, 31, of Thornton, told the Rocky Mountain News that he never said anything to Bauer and Weise about the Secret Service.

He declined to identify the man who threatened the trio with arrest.


The service is investigating that man on possible criminal charges of impersonating a Secret Service agent. He was wearing a dark suit, earpiece and lapel pin.

The Secret Service and the White House know the man’s name but have refused to reveal it. The White House has said he was a volunteer “concerned that these people were coming to the event to disrupt the event.”


Bauer and Weise said they were stopped at the gate by a man who checked their names on their tickets against a sheet of paper. He told them to wait with the man now identified as Klinkerman.

Klinkerman said he doesn’t know how the three were picked out from the crowd, and that he didn’t see them removed. He declined to answer other questions.

On Tuesday night, Bauer introduced herself to Klinkerman as one of the three in the incident, and said she had questions that she would like to ask him.

Klinkerman replied, “I won’t talk to you about that without a lawyer.” He declined to give her his attorney’s name and refused to talk to her further.

Then there’s this incident at the same event.

The Tylers [Max and Susan], both 57, say the same man who threw Young, Weise and Bauer out of the president’s taxpayer-financed public meeting threatened them with arrest but didn’t banish them.


The Tylers also believed the bald, stocky man who removed the so-called Denver Three was a Secret Service agent. Though he never identified himself, he wore an earpiece and a lapel pin and acted like an agent, they said.

“I assumed he was someone with the authority to arrest me,” Max Tyler said. “He stood out as one of the guys in charge.”

His wife agreed.

“He had a white, curly wire coming out of the back of his ear,” Susan Tyler said. “He acted like he was sort of running the deal, at least the logistics.”

She saw the man approach Young and hustle him out of the Wings Over the Rockies museum more than an hour before Bush appeared.

Then she watched the man jog across the meeting hall and remove a woman who turned out to be Bauer.

So when this law-enforcement look-alike returned to where the Tylers sat and announced that the Social Security meeting was “a private event” where people could be asked to leave “for any reason” or “arrested for trespassing,” the Denver couple figured the man had the authority to put them in jail.

Somebody’s ass is going to jail, and it does not belong to the Denver Three (plus two).