Obsession Extra: The Good, the Bad, and the Clueless

From Holden:

Today’s gaggle was chock-full o’ questions, some good, some bad, some clueless.

First, a couple of goodies. Both on John Bolton.

Q Back on Bolton, are you saying that the same characteristics that have raised questions about his conduct — abrasiveness, bluntness — are exactly the qualities that you need in a U.N. ambassador?

Q Secondly, what’s wrong with the United Nations that needs fixing?

Now for the bad. I hate to say it, but my buddy Les Kinsolving occupies the bulk of the bad category today.

First, a little gay-bashing.

Q Scott, the Republican-majority Texas House of Representatives on Monday voted 101 to 29 to allow voters in November to decide whether the state constitution should ban same-sex marriages and civil unions. And my first question, the President supports this Texas Republican vote, doesn’t he?

Followed by some fairness-bashing.

Q New York Democrat Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, with 12 co-sponsors, has introduced HR501, which would restore the so-called Fairness Doctrine, which was vetoed by President Reagan and which I seem to recall was described by Edward R. Murrow as “equal time for Jesus Christ and Judas Iscariot.” And my question, the President does not support this, does he?

MR. McCLELLAN: I’m sorry, but I’m not quite familiar with HR501 as a number. The Fairness Doctrine of —

Q The Fairness Doctrine, which you know applies only to electronic media, not to The Washington Post and The New York Times and other such Democrat-dominated papers —

More badness, from an unidentified gaggler.

Q Just a couple quickly on Bolton. Are you saying that Senate Democrats are opposing Bolton because they oppose U.N. reform?

Which brings us to the clueless. Today’s dose of cluelessness comes to us courtesy of The Skiing White House Reporter, Connie Lawn.

Q Thank you, another topic. The equivalent of presidential debates are coming up in Great Britain and Tony Blair’s political future is at stake. Is the President watching this at all? Is he in contact, giving any advice to Tony Blair?

Right, Connie. Tony Blair is just dying to get advice on debating tactics from the Chimpster.