Casting Call for Idiots

From Holden:

Dan Froomkin writes:

President Bush’s meticulously stage-managed presentations on Social Security have slowly shifted into a new phase, in which White House aides find misinformed young people to share the stage with the president and assert that Social Security won’t be there when they retire.

And rather than correcting them on their misconception — government estimates, after all, say that after 2041 Social Security will still be able to pay at least three-quarters of currently promised benefits without any changes — Bush congratulates them on their perspicacity.

Then Dan points to an LA Times piece that documents the assministration’s strategy.

As Warren Vieth writes in a break-out Los Angeles Times story today, the White House is specifically looking for such people.

Vieth got a hold of a memo circulated this week by one of the outside organizations that helps provide Bush’s supporting cast. For an event next week, the White House turned to Women Impacting Public Policy.

” ‘President Bush will be in Rochester, N.Y., for an upcoming event and has called on WIPP for help,’ the memo to members stated.

“It went on to describe several types of workers the White House wanted to appear on stage with Bush, starting with a young wage-earner ‘who knows that SS could run out before they retire.’ . . .