Little Scottie Is A Liar – Wash, Rinse, Repeat

From Holden:

From the New York Daily News:

Under White House pressure, Newsweek on Monday retracted a story that Schmidt determined a Koran was flushed in a Gitmo toilet, which the Pentagon slammed as “demonstrably false.”

But two reliable military sources confirmed the previously undisclosed reprimand at the Camp Delta prison – contradicting Bush administration denials of any “credible and specific allegations” about Koran desecration at Gitmo.

“That’s true,” an ex-Army interrogator at Gitmo said. “I am aware of somebody having their hand slapped.”

The source said a soldier on another interrogation team was punished for “trying to be insulting” of a detainee’s Koran.

It wasn’t clear what the soldier did to warrant the reprimand.