Falling Into The Wrong Hands

From Holden:

One of the Zapata Engineering mercenaries detained by U.S. Marines in Fallujah speaks out about the treatment he received from Our Troops!

Peter Ginter learned what it was like to be a prisoner of war in combat training exercises so he had an idea of what to expect last month when he was roughed up, stripped and locked in a 6-by-8-foot cell in Iraq.

But the ex-Marine never imagined his captors would be U.S. troops. And he never dreamed they would hand him a Koran and a prayer rug, and treat him like the enemy for the next 72 hours.


“I was more worried about my life from the (U.S.) military than from the insurgents,” he told The Associated Press late Wednesday.

“It’s like you are stepping out of reality and stepping into the `Twilight Zone,'” he said. “I can’t sleep at night anymore. I keep thinking I hear the steel door slamming.”


His first day in detention, he said a guard slammed him to the ground after he came out of a portable bathroom.

“All of the sudden a big guy grabbed me and forced me to the ground. He kicked me in the right ankle. He started searching me. He ripped off my rosary beads from my wrist and my necklace (with a wooden cross).”

“I said, `Sir, those are my religious items. It’s my right to have those.’ And he said shut … up.'”

“He emptied everything out of my pockets and he reached down, grabbed my testicle and squeezed it so hard I started getting really sick.

“He bounced my head on the ground and told the girl with the dog, `If he moves, let the dog go.’

“I kept thinking, these are Americans. I trust Americans. So I did what I was told.”

“It’s bad enough when you’ve got to worry every day about insurgents passing fake IDs and driving car bombs into your convoy. Now I’ve got to worry about our own military, too?” he said.

[Marine spokesman Lt. Col. Dave] Lapan confirmed there was a military working dog and handler present “as a security measure before the individuals were transferred to the detention facility.”