Funniest. AP Story. Ever.

I’m reproducing the entire link here so that y’all can see that they tagged this story “Santorum – Puppy Love.” santorum_puppy_love

You would think that would be the funny part, but no. It gets better. Here’s the lead:

WASHINGTON – Puppies and kittens likely are not the first things that come to mind when many think of Sen. Rick Santorum — the conservative No. 3 Senate Republican known for his tough stance against abortion and gay marriage.

Look. I understand that AP writers can’t spend their entire lives online mainlining every reference to Senator Man On Dog like we do, but even a passing familiarity with Santorum leads you to stories about his, er, questionable ideas regarding proper behavior toward canines.

C’mon, guys. Google. It’s not that hard.

Oh, and there’s this tidbit near the end:

The American Kennel Club had opposed the bill in the past, but working with Santorum has addressed more of its concerns, spokeswoman Lisa Peterson said.

I have a mind like a sewer.