First of all, how fun is it that Frist is jumping ship on the Holy Embryo Issue?

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist on Friday threw his support behind House-passed legislation to expand federal financing for human embryonic stem cell research, breaking with President Bush and religious conservatives in a move that could impact his prospects for seeking the White House in 2008.

“It’s not just a matter of faith, it’s a matter of science,” Frist, R-Tenn., said on the floor of the Senate.

Frist’s announcement immediately dented his support among Christian conservatives but won lavish praise from former first lady Nancy Reagan, who said it “has the potential to alleviate so much suffering.” Her husband, the late former President Ronald Reagan, had Alzheimer’s disease

I mean, Bill Frist. Who spoke to that howling, drooling, ranting Justice Sunday crowd. If you’ve lost Frist you’ve lost, well, you’ve lost a catkilling freak who probably was just going to figure out another way to screw you anyway, so you really haven’t lost all that much, but boy, I love a good Republican hissyfest.

Second, I don’t believe for a minute he’s had a sincere change of heart or suddenly remembered he went to medical school and should use that knowledge for something other than diagnosing videotapes. I believe he really, really, really wants to be president, despite having all the charisma of a piece of laundry lint, and he looked at the numbers on this and said screw it, I’m going home early.