‘The Gods lift those who lift each other’

My sexy space show.

As always, spoilers for last night’s episode in the extended.

I’m kind of incoherent about this episode, so this jumps all over the place.

Edward James Olmos is an amazing actor. Watching his face as he saw Caprica!Boomer, watching him catalogue all the possbilities and then. Wham. So can the dead Cylons speak and hear, then, or was something stranger than that going on? And the way love seems to be winning over all with Adama lately, love for the son and daughter who betrayed him, love for Roslin who I think deep down he thinks is off her rocker (has anyone told him she’s dying?). He tried it his way, all anger and pride, and it didn’t work. Dualla pointed that out to him last time around.

I still think Six is a paranoid delusion. Though crazy Baltar’s starting to annoy me less than he did at first, when I’d TiVo past him crazying around. I think Doc Cottle provides a kind of sensible counterpoint to everybody who’s losing it, all smoke and sarcasm. I love the Doc. “There’s one on every ship.”

If Kobol provides a map to earth, does that then mean that humanity arose on earth and went back to Kobol, instead of the other way around? And what does THAT mean?

And could Helo BE any stupider? It’s a good thing that boy’s good looking, otherwise he’d just be a waste of oxygen.