Ass with a Capital A

From Holden:

Flailing about desperately to defend his repeated clowning about Hurricane Katrina Jonah Goldberg tries to shift the spotlight to his old nemises Juan Cole:

PERCHANCE [Jonah Goldberg ]

Those carping on my levity the other day might take a moment to notice Juan Cole’s gloating that only those nasty, rural Christian zealots were suffering from Katrina while the fun-loving urbanites of Bourbon street were spared.

Later, realizing that some folks who visit The Corner have attained a reading comprehension level above grade two, the Doughy Pantload adds an update:

Update Rereading his post, my initial reading might be a bit of a stretch. His real aim was to exploit the destruction from Katrina to attack Falwell and Robertson, not explicitly to relish the fact those who befell “death and destruction” outside of Bourbon Street were Christians. But, given Cole’s tone I really don’t think I’m that far off the mark either. The whole point is “Aha! See Robertson’s kind of people were hit while the cosmopolitans were spared. Nyah, nyah.”

Was Professor Cole using Katrina to “attack Falwell and Robertson” while not-so-subtly celebrating the misery of Christians left destitute by the storm?

Let’s read Cole’s post and decide for ourselve.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bourbon Street Unscathed Christian Terrorists Proved Wrong

Bourbon Street in New Orleans is relatively unscathed. Amid so much death and destruction, that New Orleans did not take the full fury of the storm, and so many lives were spared, is one small consolation.

But let us consider what this means in light of the twisted logic of notorious Christian terrorists Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell (I once saw Falwell advocate assassinating Muammar Qadhafi). Their shameful attack on the United States and its values is below.

In the terms of their logic, and given today’s news about Bourbon Street being saved from destruction, only three conclusions are possible.

1. God does not exist.


2. God does not use natural or man-made catastrophes to punish people for moral failings.


3. God does not actually object to people having a good time occasionally.

Looks to me like Cole was expressing some degree of empathy for the victims of the disaster (something Jonah could not bring himself to do until the “Huffington Post types” shamed him into an appology) while pointing out the obvious about Falwell and Robertson’s hatespeech — they were dead wrong.

And what in the world does Cole’s post have to do with Goldberg’s repeated attempts at sophomoric humor?