Hi. Emmy voters? Emmy nominators? Bite Me. The Galactica Thread

Guys, seriously. First let’s talk about Hugh Laurie, the only reason to watch network TV, losing to James Fucking Spader. SPADER, people.

But no sooner did I work myself into a righteous rage about that than I was reminded by the little voice in my head that’s always thinking about Galactica that Edward James Olmos, who rocks like a big rocking thing, was not even nominated, and then my hatred of the Emmys and all involved with them began to reach proportions previously reserved only for Tom Cruise.

Rusty. Chainsaw. Spoilers in the extended for the season finale.

God. Olmos. The way it just washed over his face, relief and worry and fear and joy and the way he sort of settled down into an entirely different groove the minute Admiral Ensign Ro was in the room. I would have liked to see the dynamic were it a man busting Adama’s balls, though. Between Roslin and Starbuck it seems it’s always a woman kicking his ass. I’m not saying he’s having a hard time with this just because the admiral’s a girl, more that it would have been interesting the other way, too.

One thing before I get all philosophical on you: I wanted the Cylon Baltar was looking at to be somebody else. I’ve liked Baltar a lot more this season, because he’s spending less time looking googly-eyed crazy and more time actually doing a job and coming to terms with how he felt about Six, but I’m desperately sick of Six and their little psychotic love affair. Helo and Tyrol and Sharon? Now that fracks with my head, because it’s all just so ordinary and yet so completely not at the same time. Six and her pronouncements and her pet lunatic Baltar? Feh, by comparison.

Overall, I just want to know how this is all going to WORK. They can’t just shoot Admiral Cain, so are we stuck with her? Can Roslin give Adama a battlefield promotion or something so that he’s an admiral, too, and thus can straighten this shit out? Should he be in the right here, given that she does in fact outrank him and may in fact be correct about strategy? My sympathy for Adama, Lee, Starbuck, even That Fuckup Tigh is coloring my reaction to her; I’m assuming she’s wrong because she’s on the opposite side of people I’ve spent the last year or so learning about and caring for. Does that make her wrong? Am I supposed to go there? This show is too effing short.

The torture scenes. They were hard to watch, and they should have been (though I could have done without the OMG SEX AND VIOLENCE AHEAD WARNING DANGER WILL ROBINSON klaxon from Sci-Fi, thank you very much). The test of a society is not how it treats its friends but how it treats its enemies, and I think we’ve all seen in real life in recent months how raping someone half to death doesn’t exactly put you in their good graces. The humans focus on the fact that the Cylons aren’t really human. After violating, beating and humiliating a bound prisoner, I guess the question is, are the humans human anymore?

Such a long time till January. I’ll have to content myself with posting Starbuck pictures every week.