Drunk or Stupid: Does It Matter?

From Holden:

Your president, in Beaumont, Texas, today:

THE PRESIDENT: I just met with local county judges and mayors, along with the Governor. [“The Governor?” Don’t you know his name? He was the Lt. Governor when you where Governor of the state.] Obviously this area is hurt. The Governor knows that. [You don’t remember his name, do you.] I saw it firsthand how it’s hurt. [Oh, did you now.] We’ve got some priorities that we’re in the process of working together to achieve. The first is food and water. The second is electricity and generators moving this way, there’s a rational plan to distribute the generators. [A Rational Plan! What an improvement ove katrina.] Thirdly, there’s fuel. We fully understand that it’s hard to maintain order if you don’t have fuel for your cars and first responders. [First repsonders fuel being doughnuts.]

And I appreciate the planning that the Governor [What’s his name?!?!] put into this. The state of Texas is — took precautions before the storm hit and is now responding. And our job is to work with the state. I have the top people here with me, the Coast Guard Admiral [You don’t know his name, either?], who is in charge of the federal response. I had the head of FEMA [Nor his? Here’s a hint: it’s not “Brownie”.] with me, and I had a three-star Army general [Sigh. Does this guy remember anything?] here, all of them here to help make sure these people can get their lives back together.

Again, the Governor [Governor Whatsisname, that is.] has got a plan [“Has got”? “Has got?”] to make sure people don’t come back too early. He’s listening to the local judges and the mayors. Obviously, we want people to come home as quickly as possible. We want them to be able to do so in an orderly way. And when they get home, they find that there’s a — you know, as best as possible, power and water. [They find that there’s a power and a water and a spicey meatballa.]

Oh, and today’s gaggle was too boring for anyone’s obsession.