Oliver And John Call For The Chair


Stop worrying about being partisan. This is political corruption, not a hot button liberal/conservative issue like abortion, taxes, etc. Any damn Democrat can make the case that the Republican party embodies a Culture of Corruption that is making life harder for American citizens – from the mismanagement of FEMA to the indictment of Tom DeLay and the insider trading of Bill Frist, it’s clear now to America what happens when you vote for Republicans.

John, who needs to be doing media strategy for, like, the entire party:

And finally, what would the Republicans do if Clinton had short-changed our troops during war time? Do you think all they’d do is offer a stupid amendment? No, they’d have an entire campaign laid out with their far-right non-profits working the grassroots and all the media (talk radio, TV, etc.), they’d launch a filibuster against any and all legislation until Bill Clinton finally stopped killing our troops, they’d have public events with soldiers, and soldiers families, and veterans, begging the president to stop sending our kids out to die without the armor they need. Hell, they’d probably start calling for the impeachment of the commander in chief.