Frog March By Friday?

From Holden:

CNN’s source says the Office of the Special Counsel is wrapping it up:

Sources have said that after this appearance [before the Grand Jury by Karl Rove], it’s expected prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald will want “nothing further.” Those same sources said they are “not at all surprised” by the wide range of legal options Fitzgerald is pursuing.

One source said, “I don’t see it as an evolution or broadening of the probe. It’s building a case.”

And check out this lame defense from Rove’s attorney Robert Luskin.

“Karl has truthfully told everyone who’s asked him that he did not circulate Valerie Plame’s name to punish her husband, Joe Wilson,” Luskin said. Asked if that included President Bush, Luskin said, “Everyone is everyone.”

Oh no, Karl “did not circulate Valerie Plame’s name to punish her husband”. He did it to warn others within the CIA to keep their traps shut — or else!