A Rerun

From Tena:

I originally posted this at the end of October, as part of a longer post. I felt that this part of the post needed to be said again, and then maybe again, and again, with feeling and a chair.

I want to know the truth about what the Bush Junta has actually been doing. I want to know what they’ve been up to. They are squatting in my house.

And that’s the other reason I cried so much when Bush got this 2d term by hook and by crook: by picked audiences, vicious smear jobs on honorable men and women, and heavily laundered money – You Republicans tend to forget very Goddamned easily that the White House belongs to us, to the people. You have no Divine Right to rule America.

I’ve sat and watched the Executive steamroll Congress and the courts since 2000. It has ignored court orders. No one enforces them – why shouldn’t it? And I’ll be honest – I don’t care nearly so much about Roe v. Wade as I do Marbury v. Madison. In fact, I think abortion is a smoke screen for the real agenda, which has always been just what Bush told us right off the bat: “It’d be a lot easier if it was a dictatorship; as long as I get to be dictator.” He has nominated SCOTUS justices who will not hold the Executive accountable for anything. That’s why Roberts is there, and that’s why he nominated Little Miss “You’re so Cool.”

I’ve been waiting for Congress to wake the fuck up. It’s a co-equal branch of the government but it has seemed on the whole very fucking willing to throw its power away.

Hey, Congress – Goddamn you – that power isn’t really yours to throw away – it’s our power, the people’s. Get the fuck up off your knees and do something here before it’s too fucking late.