The Question

So I was back over at Steve’s, reading the comments to the post I cited below, and came across this, which really, to me, is the whole freaking enchillada with cheese:

as a union member with full med. coverage it sickens me to hear people, esp. white collar workers, whine “why should they get full medical when i don’t?” the proper question these dopes should be asking is “why shouldn’t I get full medical like THEY do?”

I mean, if we have to fall back on appealing to people’s self-interest, which in the history of politics has never been a losing strategy, why do we always fall back on getting people to accept something less, instead of encouraging them to fight for something more? We are steadily convincing ourselves that it’s somebody else’s fault if their life sucks less than our own, and they should be punished, for refusing to settle for what we settled for.

This country needs a leader like I need water to drink.