So Far Away

With regards to this, I’m just gonna throw some talking points out there and see which ones the cat licks up.

Let’s not start another war until we figure out why we started the last one.

Let’s not start another war until we finish the last one.

Let’s not start another war until we’ve paid for the last one.

Let’s not start another war until we’ve armored the Humvees and the soldiers fighting in the last one.

Let’s not start another war until we’ve won the last one.

Let’s not start another war until we admit we’ve only gotten to this point because we ignored Iran while we fought the last one.

Seriously, WTF is it gonna take? For people to wake the hell up and realize we are nowhere near figuring out what we’re doing, that we have a foreign policy of bashing around the world just sort of knocking over stuff, with no real clear goals, no achievable objectives?

I’d ask if we were going to see a repeat of war talk, of people swallowing whatever this alleged government dishes out because the alternative “might be worse,” but sadly, I don’t think I have to ask. Compared with those scowly, swarthy Ay-Rabs (or in this case Persians), our nice white government officials are always gonna look more credible, aren’t they? Never mind that they have so squandered their right to be believed that nobody should ever greet a word out of their mouths ever again.

Now, the last time I wrote about this, the usual trollies accused me of cuddling up to Syria. And all I have to say about that is oh for the love of the little baby Jesus in the Fischer-Price high chair, grow the hell up, would you? We adults can hold two ideas in our minds at once. We can say, Iran’s nuclear threat needs to be controlled and contained, its repressive regime is a terrible thing, and we are in no position to do anything about it on our own. Lecturing the UN on its responsibilities? Have I seen this movie? Of all the things I’m pissed at this government about, I have to tell you, the biggest one is that it’s placed us in the very real and very dangerous position of being seen as merely crying wolf when the wolf actually does show up.

At this point the wolf could devour every chicken in the county, we’d be out there screaming and holding handfuls of bloody feathers, and the world would be perfectly justified in looking at us and shrugging and going back to the football game. I hope they don’t. There are real threats out there. Unfortunately, we’ve placed ourselves in the position of the homeless guy down by the L stop near my house, who’s been spending his afternoons of late yelling about the end of the world. And if that’s not making us less safe, well, I don’t know what possibly could.

Of all the lousy rotten things the Bush administration has done, that’s right up there at the top of the list.