More Blogger Ethics


Scripps newspapers took in $65 million in November, but the company apparently doesn’t want to waste any of those bucks on phone technology. The Scripps-owned Naples Daily News sent this memo to staffers today: “In an effort to free up more incoming phone lines for customers calling in to start the paper, and placing classified ads, we are asking that ALL employees immediately refrain from using the desk phone (land line) as much as possible. If you must make business calls please use your cell phone.”

And people wonder why newspapers unionize. Honestly. Don’t use your desk phone to make business calls? It’s like something out of Harvey Birdman. Employee perks: phone lines … for earners!

But seriously, people. It’s been a while since we had one of our evening chats about how the Internet is killing journalism. Pull up a chair. Let’s talk about that some more.