I like it, we can do it, let’s get started

From Tena:

Atrios, who has been blogging all day and into the night on a wing and a prayer (blogger is bloggered) has posted this, and I really wanted to repost it here, because like him, I think it’s damned important.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


I have to post this by email and the links are going to get screwed up, but I think this is important so I may have to just post it as a dead link.

The country was never behind Clinton’s impeachment but the media begged for it. The country is much more behind Bush impeachment but the media is silent.

working link, here.

This time it’s the people and it’s time for the people to get their damned voices heard. Enough of this bullshit – let’s hammer the bastards until they do what we want them to do. Let’s start contacting senators and not let up until they do what is right. He broke the damn law, again and again. He has to be held accountable.

Don’t tell me we can’t do this, because we can. We just have to put the pressure on and keep it on. We have to enlist the help of the majority of Americans who said that they were in favor of impeachment. We have to make sure the hearings are real, not fake. And if the law takes its rightful place in the process, then my sweet liberals, we win. You know it. They cannot survive real scrutiny.