Europe Says Chimpy Broke The Law

From Holden:

The Council of Europe’s ongoing investigation has reached a preliminary conclusion: Chimpy’s torture flights are illegal.

Dick Marty, a Swiss parliamentarian heading a Council of Europe investigation into the claims, said in an interim report that US activities had been both illegal and counter productive.

“No cogent evidence has yet emerged of the existence in Europe of detention camps like the one at Guantanamo Bay“ he said.

“On the other hand it has been proved (and in fact never denied) that individuals have been abducted, deprived of their liberty and all rights and transported to different destinations in Europe, to be handed over to countries in which they have suffered degrading treatment and torture.”


He spoke in his report of hundreds of CIA chartered flights and transporting more than 100 people from European countries and said that rendition by the US “broke the principle of the rule of law“ and was “ damaging to the fight against terrorism