A Purple Finger In Your Eye

From Holden:

Your president, Monday:

History has shown that democracies yield the peace.

But then…

Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/Reuters

And now your president sez:

US President George W Bush said he would refuse to deal with the Islamist movement Hamas, which had a strong showing in the Palestinian elections, until it ends its drive to destroy Israel.

‘A political party, in order to be viable, is one that professes peace, in my judgment, in order that it will keep the peace,’ Bush was quoted as saying in a Wall Street Journal interview.

‘And so you’re getting a sense of how I’m going to deal with Hamas if they end up in positions of responsibility. And the answer is not until you renounce your desire to destroy Israel will we deal with you,’ Bush said.

I suppose democratic elections are great, as long as your side wins. It should be interesting to watch the reaction from the right to Hamas’ apparent victory.

AFP/Atta Hussein