A Series of Post-Cloture Thoughts

First of all, I’ve been screaming about hitting them with the chair for so long, you don’t need to read an open letter to Obama telling him to stop deploring the uncivil tone of politics and realize he is, in fact, a politician and should either do the job with all its indignities or, if he truly considers it beneath him, get the fuck out.

(And just between him and me, when you win the race he won in 2004, I can see where you think all it takes is statesmanship and decency to beat the GOP. What he doesn’t seem to realize is that, in facing first Jack Ryan and then Alan Keyes, he wasn’t running against the real GOP. He ran against the GOP’s drunk uncle. He and Max Cleland should sit down and Max should explain to him what it’s really like when they come after you. Maybe then he could lecture us about moral courage with some credibility. As it is, thank you for voting against cloture, Barack, and as for the rest of your career, try saying this shit behind the scenes and not to the pretty sparkly cameras, okay?)

And you don’t need me to tell you that this speech by ol’ Teddy was a thing of epic beauty and that watching him deliver it was one of the most moving experiences of my political life, and that I won’t even quote it because you need to read it all in its thunder and glory.

But please, this isn’t the end of America, okay? If there was a time to declare such a thing, it was in November 2004, and I recall quite a few people doing exactly that. Yet look. We’re still here. Weakened by more death, more destruction, more undermining. But here. I’m not pollyanna-ing. I know this sucks. You know what else I know? That this was the thing we saw coming. We knew when Bush got elected he considered himself above the law; we may not have known the specifics of the domestic spying program but we knew that was his modus op. We knew he was going to appoint some soulless right-wing nut case who wanted to overturn Roe. This is the thing we knew about. And anybody who was worried about it should have fought harder against Bush’s election if stopping it is truly what they wanted to do. I don’t want anybody coming to me now saying oh, my god, we didn’t realize until today.

And I know a lot of you did all that you could, which is what makes this really, really shitty. I wanted to rip my own hair out after I heard people saying, “Let’s keep our powder dry.” For WHAT, I kept wondering, if not this? Jeff Bingaman should be given a vigorous dose of smelling salts as should Landrieau if they really think their votes will make them immunue from the Republican skull-fuck treatment next time their seats are up. Harry, as someone noted over at the crack den, needs to read up on the life of LBJ. Lieberman needs many, many things.

But here we are. As a result of the newly constituted Roberts Court, we’re gonna be hip deep in people who need help and won’t be able to get it. The usually screwed in our society will be even more so, and I know it just looks like one form of being taken advantage of to say that those of us who still give a damn, whether there’s 25 senators’ worth of us or 49 million of us or however many, we’re the ones who have to take care of them, but that’s the way it is. You have the obligations you assign yourself, so take a big ol’ shot of tequila and a deep breath, because we’ve got more work to do.

Mercifully, we seem to have a lot of dry powder around, so at the very least there’s that.


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