Gulf Coast Abandoned Tonight

From Scout:

There were 5339 words in the SOTU address.

93 words were devoted to Hurricane Katrina.

That is 93 words of the address devoted to the worst natural disaster in our time.

That is 93 words for the 1.9 million Americans presently displaced by Katrina.

That is 93 words devoted to the loss of a great American city.

That is 93 words devoted to the destruction of a region of America.

That is 93 words for the families of the 1329 Katrina dead

Shame on George W Bush!

Update: Sen. Landrieu puts the word count at 152 which I think is being generous as I thought Bush moved from Katrina recovery specifically to generalize about opportunities nationally. Perhaps I am wrong. I’ll let you decide. Either way it is still a pittance and people were disappointed. Here’s the words Landrieu included which I did not….

and in other places, many of our fellow citizens have felt excluded from the promise of our country. The answer is not only temporary relief, but schools that teach every child … and job skills that bring upward mobility … and more opportunities to own a home and start a business. ………., let us also work for the day when all Americans are protected by justice, equal in hope, and rich in opportunity.

UPDATE:From CNN on the disappointment in NOLA.

COOPER: CNN’s Susan Roesgen joins us live now to talk about how the president was received tonight in New Orleans — Susan.

SUSAN ROESGEN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Anderson, you’re right, they were listening, but they were so disappointed. The general reaction was, Is that it, just a couple of sentences and the last five minutes of the president’s speech? One woman told me she expected the president to at least acknowledge all the people who’ve lost their homes here, all the people who’ve lost their jobs here, and to acknowledge all the people who have died here. And one man told me that New Orleans deserves to be more than a footnote in the president’s speech.