I Concur

From Holden:

I’m down with Josh. Bush’s SOTUs are unwatchable, and I too have not sat still for one since the lie-filled 2003 edition. You remember that one, the pep rally for war on Iraq that went unquestioned by our lovely media.

This time around the Washington Post does a decent job of fact-checking His Lieness, while the New York Times (click on “Graphic: The Words He Used ” in the left-hand margin) provides a handy chart noting the frequency with which Chimpy has uttered certain key words in his six speeches. For instance the words “surplus” or “surpluses” was mention seven times in 2001 but has not been uttered since. Similarly, “balanced budget” was uttered once in 2001 and again in 2003, but never since while “oil” was mentioned only once prior to his three references last night. “Afghanistan” has fallen from a lofty high of 13 mentions in 2002 down to last night’s 3 utterances.