Well Deserved…..

From Scout:

Editor & Publisher has chosen Jim Amoss of the Times Picayune in NOLA as the 2006 Editor of the Year.

In an unprecedented 10-page profile for the February 2006 issue, E&P’s Mark Fitzgerald reveals that Amoss is being honored for directing his newsroom in its remarkable coverage “before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina hit” the editor’s hometown of New Orleans last August.


Amoss, 58, is credited with setting the tone of the Times-Picayune’s aggressive post-Katrina reporting and commentary that makes the newspaper a must reading for residents who have returned, and those still scattered throughout the country.

He spoke extensively with Fitzgerald and showed him some of the devastation last month when E&P’s editor-at-large visited the city. Amoss explained: “In the post-Katrina era, we are a lot less timid about what we have to say. We don’t dance around anything or anyone. If we see a politician not doing the right thing, we stomp on them.”

Excellent choice. No one else even comes close. I hope the Times Picayune gets every award possible.