Your President Speaks!

From Holden:

Today the good people of Minnesota were inflicted with Chimpitis.

Unfortunately There Will Be A Solution

Congress over here, and people say, vote for me, I’m going to make sure the benefits grow faster than the rate of inflation. Listen, Social Security was meant to supplement income, retirement income, initially. And so what I’m telling you is there’s a solution to be had. Unfortunately, the atmosphere in Washington appears that there will be solution because there’s too much politics.

People Need To Be Doused With Incense

People need to be incented to make right choices with their bodies, in what they eat and how they exercise.

Somebody Left The Lock Off Of The Glue Cabinet Again

Another aspect of making sure that medicine is affordable and available is — listen, there’s too many lawsuits. I said a startling statistic the other night: Do you realize there are 1,500 counties in America without an OB/GYN? Now, think about that. And the reason why is a lot of good docs are getting run out of practice because of needless lawsuits.

Don’t Bogart That Stuff

And so the hope is, and the belief is, is that, with a breakthrough with these cellulosic technologies — big word for a history major — — I don’t want to try to spell it. The car industry has got the capacity to manufacture automobiles that can burn that stuff.

Jeff Gannon Must Be Traveling With The President

And 3M is a perfect place to come.

Somebody Left The Lock Off Of The Spray Paint Cabinet Again

The economic reason why we got to stay on the leading edge of technology is to make sure that people’s standard of living here in America goes up — that’s what it is. And there’s a direct correlation by being the most innovative country in the world and how our citizens live.

He Said It, Or So I Imagine He Might

We made a pretty good start on, by the way, high standards with No Child Left Behind Act. I was talking to it about the Governor; he said, people get a little nervous when government says, measure. And he didn’t say that — he’s reflecting the opinion of others.

So the National Institutes of Health is Making Gobys?

Again, we made great progress in reading, and one of the reasons why is that we’ve — there’s a science to reading. I mean, it’s not guesswork anymore. We’ve got a lot to really smart people, particularly out of NIH, that helped develop curriculum go-bys.

The Triumph of Genderless Teachers

Sometimes you have a good teacher sitting there, but they really don’t understand what works when it teaches — how to teach a child math.