Cat Killer Comes A Calling

From Scout:

There’s a snarky article by Mark Leibovich in WaPo about Bill Frist’s trip to New Hampshire entitled “Dr. Frist to N.H., Stat”……

He is here, in the Granite State, to nurture the GOP at its grass roots, he says. Never mind that this is his second visit in three months to the state that boasts (and boasts and boasts) the First-in-the-Nation you-know-what. He might as well be here for the stuffed mushrooms

“All the questions I get up here about running for president,” are premature, says Frist in an interview, unprompted by any such question. “You know, people associate it with running for president and all,” he says.

Really, being in New Hampshire, what would give people that idea?

Bad metaphor……

Frist comes forth with a head-spinning metaphor that incorporates cattle, frogs and football: “My job is to herd these Republicans,” Frist says. “And if I have too many frogs jumping out of the wheelbarrow as I’m moving down the field, it means I’ve gotta be putting people back in.”

Bad choice of metaphor…..

All the while, Frist provided an object lesson in the well-catalogued perils of trying to lead the Senate while also trying to run for president. “He’s shown repeatedly how difficult it is to skin that cat,” says Republican strategist Scott Reed…

Frist on Frist….

Before jetting out, Frist repairs to a backroom for an interview, in which he will remind you again that he’s a heart transplant surgeon — seven times in 20 minutes


Frist acknowledges that “I probably misread things a little bit on Schiavo,” but then deploys Harrison — who is seated on a couch to his right — to re-dramatize his original position.

“If Karyn and I were sitting right here and someone said we’re going to kill Harrison, and I said ‘No, I’ll pay for him, I’d love him, his brothers and sisters love him . . .”

Contest coming up…..

“I’m a heart transplant doctor,” he says, again “I dealt with brain death every day, every day for 10 years . . . I know about persistent vegetative states.”

Just so many come backs for that. I can’t decide. What say you? I’ll see if Holden will part with a pony for whoever gives us the biggest laugh on this Superbowl Sunday extravaganza day

And go Seahawks. I’m from WI and we do owe Holmgrem