What’s Coming

Something Mike DeWine said this morning gave me a terrible premonition about how this is gonna go down should these hearings get hairy.

DeWine was mostly taking the pissy line that Bush cut Congress out of the picture by overriding statute on his own instead of asking Congress to grant him more authority. But beneath that was a hypothetical for Gonzales: What if you came to Congress and asked us to vote on legislation that would make warrantless domestic spying legal? And Gonzales not only didn’t seem surprised, he seemed to welcome the idea.

I hope I’m wrong, Gonzales’ little permasmirk makes him somewhat hard to read, but doesn’t that sound just like them? Wouldn’t they propose just such legislation, call for a vote sometime in, oh, September, and spend October demonizing any up-for-election Democrat who voted against it as (as Scotty said during a particularly odious briefing today) “giving Al Qaeda our playbook”? Couldn’t you see it, because haven’t we seen it before?

And you know that in that scenario, my preferred response for the Dems would be something about as nuanced as “We wouldn’t need any of this shit if you’d just caught Bin Laden like your party promised, Mr. President.” And what are the chances that Sens. Biden and Lieberman would say exactly that? Yeah. That’s what I think, too.

Please, somebody, tell me I’m crazy.