They Should Have Seen It Coming

From Scout:

The Boston Globe has an article on Jack Abramoff’s days as chairman of the College Republicans.

His money pleas unheeded, Abramoff spent the next four years, from 1981 to 1985, bypassing the RNC chain of command — the organization legally responsible for the College Republicans — to build his own financial juggernaut to advance the group’s hard-right agenda, according to memos from College Republican files and interviews with GOP officials involved.


Under Abramoff, the College Republicans office quickly became a nesting ground for hard-right believers. The new team, allies recalled, berated Republican moderates as “Bushyites” — a reference to the vice president — and “squishes” who were too eager to cut deals with Democrats on Capitol Hill, or with the Russians at superpower summits.


“Our job,” Abramoff wrote, “is to remove liberals “from power permanently — [from] student newspaper and radio stations, student governments, and academia.

“We are replacing these leftists with committed conservatives.”

Now does that sound like a guy who would direct money to Democrats?