Your President Speaks!

From Holden:

Today the Granite State was blessed with a visit from His Royal Lieness.

Scoring Some Saw Grass

But I want to spend a little time — I mean, a little time — on making sure that you understand that I am serious when it comes to spending money so that — to be able to develop the technologies necessary to be able to convert saw grass and wood chips and refuse into energy.

Adventures in Grammar, Part I

It’s exciting times.

Crazy Economic Talk

The tax relief on dividends and capital gains has also helped families that don’t own stocks. And the reason why is people out here understand — capital flows will tell you that cutting taxes on dividends and capital gains has reduced the cost of capital. That’s economic talk for meaning the money that you borrowed doesn’t cost you as much, and that helps investment.

Adventures in Grammar, Part II

Now, when it comes to budget talk, there are two types of spending in Washington. There’s called discretionary spending and mandatory spending.

I’m Not Talking About My Failure

Medicare recently was modernized. I’m not talking about the recent modernization program — which is the right thing to do, by the way; if you make a commitment to America’s seniors, which Lyndon Johnson did, and this country has honored, then it makes sense to make sure the health care system you provide the seniors is modern and up to date. A commitment means a commitment of modern medicine. And that’s precisely what we did when we provided prescription drug coverage for seniors.