A FEMA Trailer From A Place Called Hope

From Scout:


More than 10,000 FEMA mobile homes are still sitting empty in Hope, Arkansas. They are fully furnished and ready to move in. However, they have been sitting empty in the cities airfield since October.

The trailers are costing tax payers $25,000 dollars a month. Dennis Ramsey is the mayor of Hope. His city has a two-year contract with FEMA to use the airport as a staging ground for the mobile homes. Hope is guaranteed $600,000 dollars in the deal. While Mayor Ramsey likes the money, he’d like to see the mobile homes move out.

FEMA says they want to move the mobile homes, but don’t have an approved place to take them. Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco left it up to parish presidents to approve their use for Katrina evacuees.

Strikingly similar to Bill Clinton’s story here is the story of one FEMA Trailer from a Place Called Hope………