Brownie’s Belated Respose to Bush’s Compliment

From Scout:

On September 2, 2005 Bush told Michael Brown…”Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.”

Today before Congress Brownie gave his belated response when he said this dripping with sarcasim and obvious irritation….”Unfortunately he called me Brownie at the wrong time. Thanks alot sir”

That was the best line of the hearing. I think Brown’s testimony on what the White House knew and when they knew it is (see live blogging post below) is what was significant in the hearing. Brown testified that the White House knew Monday afternoon that the levee had been “breached.” According to what I just heard on CNN, Scott McClellen earlier this morning disputed the NYT’s article (also see below) that also made that claim.

While Brown’s testimony was sickening at times……”I sat in my room crying and screaming” at night that he couldn’t get things done……..his testimony raises many questions about the White House’s failure in preparation and response to Katrina.According to Brown he had been talking with Andy Card and Joe Hagan. Hagan was with Bush in Crawford and Brown related he saw this as his way of informing Bush of what was occuring. Brown also related he spoke with Bush on Sat. and Sunday before Katrina and informed him Katrina looked to be the “catastrophic” storm they always feared. Apparently there were other conversations with Bush that Brown did not testify on due to executive privelege which was in itself an interesting part of today’s hearings.

If Brown is to be believed (and yes that is an if) I think what was of importance today and should be asked and answered….Just what did the White House know and when did they know it? Sticking with the Watergate theme I am recalling this …. don’t tell me you think this was all the work of little Michael ‘Don Segretti’ Brown?

UPDATE: Maybe wrote last line too soon as the second panel testifying is making Brown look quite culpable.UPDATE: Well having watched it all I still stand by the Segretti line. Though I am sure there is more, if nothing else who hired Brownie and who left him in there if it was just him standing in the way of effectiveness?