Liveblogging Brown Testimony

From Scout:

Brown when informed of flooding in New Orleans on Monday he believes he called Joe Hagan who was with Bush at Crawford telling them NOLA was Flooding and the worst case scenario was occuring. (Lieberman asked if he was trying to get word to the President by this and Browne said yes)

He later states in speaking to Joe Hagan he knew he was iin effect speaking to the President.

UPDATE: Brown said he was on conference call with Bush on Sunday and described what was to come as a “catastrophe within a catatrophe”

UPDATE: Norm Coleman is carrying Bush’s water by going over old ground and continuing to focus blame on Brown.

UPDATE: Brown called Norm on his bullshit and said what more do you want from me….if you have questions then ask them.

UPDATE: Norm weasels away with not accepting Brown’s challenge to ask a direct question. Sen. Akakaka up now.

UPDATE: Brown states in general calling Chertoff was “wasting my time” and was better to call White House and speak to Card or Hagan

Doesn’t look like Brown will be giving up Chertoff but this isn’t good for the White House

UPDATE: Akakaka, Bennet and Lautenbergs questioning is poor . Frankly Sen. Collins has done the best job. The rest should just cede their time to her.

UPDATE: Brown sates on Monday the 29th at 10AM he emailed Andy Card that “this is the bad one” and for more details to call or blackberry. He states They knew-“during the day on Monday they were being told”

UPDATE: Sen. Warner states Brown should now answer 12 questions he would not previously due to concerns over executive privelege. Brown states he will do that. Sen. Collins states the White House may yet invoke Executive privelege (ya think)

UPDATE: Brown states advocated to Card and Hagan to federalize active duty army

UPDATE: When asked a question Brown’s clarified instructions on answering questions which covered ability to answer questions regarding what WH aides he spoke to BUT he can not answer questions on conversations with the President (which apparently had occured given his request for clarification)

UPDATE: When asked Brown states he feels he was set up as “designated scapegoat”. When asked if felt the White House has done that to him he says only, “I certainly feel abandoned”

UPDATE: States over his time he had good relationship with Bush. He went on to say of Bush…“Unfortunately he called me Brownie at the wrong time. Thanks alot sir” He said this quite snidely BTW

UPDATE: Brown states he was “rebuffed” to get money for planning for exact scenario of Katrina

UPDATE:When discussing PFO in NPR Browns states that “We’ve done a great job as Republicans of establishing more bureauacracy”. States it “flabergasts me as Republicans” that we have done that.

UPDATE: Lieberman questioning. Brown had 30 calls with White House on weekend pre-Katrina. In call Brown had with Bush on Sunday Bush said “I appreciate your briefing this morning.” Brown states he told Bush how serious the storm was.

Brown also states he had phone call with Bush on Saturday before landfall and expressed his concern that this is the storm we’ve worried about and could be catastrophic.

Brown states he requested evacuation buses on Monday. He asked someone though that person was not named. The request didn’t occur until Wed. 1:47 am and buses didn’t arrive until late Thursday. Brown went on to say “I sat in my room crying and screaming” at night because he was asking for stuff and couldn’t make it happen.

UPDATE: Sen. Dayton questioning. Brown states he told Card and Hagan at the White House onMonday afternoon that the levee had been “breached”

Update: Brown has completed his testimony