Love In The Asylum: Galactica Thread

What the frack, only two episodes left? This show is too short. Spoilers within.

First, for everybody who’s still pissed at me for so much as considering Laura’s point of view in the last ep, go read Jacob:

And not for nothing, but pretend it’s not abortion, okay? Not gay marriage or the War. Pretend it’s…I don’t know. School systems. It’s a lot easier to get crazy about when it’s something like that, but that doesn’t help anybody who’s ambitious, because crazy gets you numbers: just ask President Laura Koresh. You ask why I brought up “temporary religious values”? Why the religious lobby is a problem? Why faith-based charities are an issue? You advance an emotional issue, sell it as vastly more important than things like the disappearing middle class, illegal strategies for wealth accumulation, tax havens for the rich, health care — boring shit like that — and you’ll blind some people. Most people. Me. I didn’t get the fight here until just now, because they played the Right to Choose card. Thought it was weird that they’d randomly drop it in there — hearing somebody say “abortion” on TV is like seeing somebody smoke cigarettes in a movie. This isn’t about Geminon or Rya Kibby, it’s about Doc Cottle (Fed) getting to decide what’s best for a girl from another planet, and it’s about Sarah Porter (A-Fed) wanting to take women’s rights out of the fucking Constitution, and it’s what the Civil War and the Independence War were about, and what the Browncoats were slaughtered over, and I’m sorry if you feel I’m being partisan, but so’s the show, and it’s also about me, being used as a political football, losing the election for a guy I kind of liked. (Like I would even want to get married. Fuck that noise. And if you’re really angry right now? Keep reading; engage with the show. I’m using a real-world example to help explain the action of the story, and the parallels at play, and I would do the same and use many of the same examples if I were on your side of the argument — and you’re not getting an answer if you email to convince me otherwise. I expect, and respect, that you’ve got the ability to look at things from both sides, and come to your own conclusions.) Point being, I was so sidetracked by the emotional stuff here — by my revulsion — that I wasn’t watching the bottom line. And now Gaius Baltar is going to end up President. Guilt.

Mainly because I bought into it, too, and thus got played by Baltar just as surely as Laura did. The whole thing was set up to be a play on the manipulation of issues to gain power, and instead of watching that play and marveling at its construction, I took sides. As did lots and lots of other people, and we argued with each other, and objectively, that’s a pretty sincere storytelling accomplishment. Subjectively, quit fracking with my head, show.

This week: I love Doc Cottle SO MUCH. That is all.

Not enough Laura.

Lovely Lucy Lawless with the blonde, blonde hair. Guh.

Seriously, at some point in the presidential campaign, can a reporter or two please note that a candidate for office TALKS TO HIMSELF AND FUCKS IMAGINARY PEOPLE? Can you imagine what Adam Nagourney would say about this squirrel nut? Come on. I know most of the press died in the attack and so what we’ve got left is primarly the people you send to cover nonexistent events like the secretary of education speaking at the decomissioning of a thing nobody cares about, but one of these people must notice that Baltar goes through periods where he is deeply non-functioning.

So this is interesting. Caprica Sharon, now on Galactica, thinks humans haven’t earned the right to survive (with some justification given their treatment of her). Galactica Sharon, now on Caprica in her shiny new body, thinks maybe humans do deserve to survive and that wiping them all out was a mistake. I don’t buy Caprica Six’s conversion to that point of view quite yet (she snapped that baby’s neck and that’s where I disagree with Jacob on Six), but I am fascinated by this: a finite number of consciousnesses, so that certain personalities stay intact while the bodies replicate and replicate? Personalities and not just mannerisms? Wicked cool, because then how do you know what is murder and what isn’t, what’s a machine and what isn’t, what’s love and what isn’t? While I found a lot of the show’s attempts to make me sympathize with the Cylons clumsy and repugnant (hello, wiped out all humanity pretty much, crying a single tear doesn’t make that go away), this episode got back to the heart of what this show’s been about, which is who you are when your whole world’s stripped away.

And next week looks really frackin’ cool. And I’m sure there’s other stuff, but that’s what I’ve got right now.