Onward Christian Soldiers (Special Persecution Edition)

From Tena:

From the Washington Post:

The “War on Christmas” has morphed into a “War on Christians.”

Last December, some evangelical Christian groups declared that the religious celebration of Christmas — and even the phrase “Merry Christmas” — was under attack by the forces of secularism.

Nothing new, there. Tom Delay was at the recent conference Rev. Rick Scarborough held in D.C. in which the opening session was a Professional Martyrs’ Whinefest. Now Hot Tub is dripping his holy blood around and blaming his troubles on the Liberal Crusade to Stamp Out Christianity.

So when NYMary posted a link in comments at Eschaton to a Volokh Conspiracy Post about a study done recently on attitudes toward atheism in the United States, I was immediately interested. Check this out, my liberals:

Hostility to Atheism – The Last Socially Acceptable Prejudice? A new study by University of Minnesota sociologists Penny Edgell, Joseph Gerties and Douglas Hartmann confirms the longstanding research finding that public hostility towards atheists is considerably more widespread than that towards any other ethnic or religious minority group. Edgell, et al. conducted a survey of American public opinion on attitudes towards different groups and found that prejudice against atheists topped the scale. For example, almost 40% of respondents characterized atheists as a group that “does not at all agree with my vision of American society.” Note that the question did not ask whether the respondent disagrees with atheists on some issues (which would be a perfectly understandable and noninvidious view), but asks if they are a group that does not at all share his views. The figures for other groups on this question (with rounding to whole numbers):

Muslims: 26%

Homosexuals: 23

Conservative Christians: 14

Recent immigrants: 13

Jews: 8

There’s lots more – it’s a 3 part series on this study, the results of which were totally predictable to anyone who has the mental wherewithal to tie his or her own shoes. Of all the nonsense the religious right spouts, I think the persecution of Christianity takes the cake at the unbirthday party. Or to put it another way, the Religious Right is as crazy as a chameleon on a kilt, to a man and woman.

It is the unbelievers who are the persecuted underclass in this country. In America, one does not admit one doesn’t believe in God if one wants to get that teaching position in public school, or adopt that baby, run for mayor or for the presidency. The question is always asked, and the wrong answer can spell disaster. Maybe it’s time for someone to stand up for those who really are persecuted on religious grounds – secular humanists, atheists and agnostics.