Running Away from the Chimp

From Holden:

Where’s Nelson Muntz when you need him?

From The Hartford Courant:

Democrats are eager for President Bush to appear in Connecticut today, visualizing his embrace with Rep. Christopher Shays as just the picture they need to defeat the veteran congressman.


The very presence of Bush in Connecticut, his first visit to the state since a 2004 re-election fundraiser, is a surprise of sorts.

Late last year, moderate Republicans gathered in Washington for a strategy session. They almost all said they would like Arizona Sen. John McCain to campaign for them – but were not even asked if they wanted Bush’s help.

“I knew the answer,” said Sarah Chamberlain Resnick, executive director of the centrist Republican Main Street Partnership, who conducted that meeting. She said Tuesday that Bush remains a liability, and the GOP will have to remind voters “he’s not coming today for Chris.”