Your President Speaks!

From Holden:

Just a few quickies from today’s health care savings account swindle in Connecticut.

They Got The Runs

You know what’s an amazing statistic, is there are 1,700 counties in our country that have no OB/GYN. They got run out of business.

He Speaks Long-Word Talk

And one way to do that is through the advent of health savings accounts, which is, in essence, a health savings account coupled with a high-deductible, catastrophic insurance plan. That’s long-word talk for if you get seek above a certain amount, your insurance pays for it.

What, He’s Not From Texas?

MR. GLICK: Yes, good morning, Mr. President. Welcome to Connecticut.

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, it’s good to be back here. Was born here, good to be back. (Laughter.) Educated here. (Laughter.)

MR. GLICK: We love that.