Your President Speaks!

From Holden:

A few quickies from Chimpy’s appearance in North Carolina today.

They Is, They Really Is

Obviously Osama bin Laden and his sidekick Zawahiri is still at large. We understand that.

The Stupid! It Burns!

You know, growing up in Midland, Texas, we all felt pretty secure as a kid, mainly because we thought oceans could protect us. Now in my case, we were really far away from oceans, too, but nevertheless, it’s — when you think about it, though, if you’re a baby boomer, like me, you think about what it was like growing up, we knew there was a nuclear threat. Of course we had put forth an interesting sounding strategy called “mutually assured destruction,” which provided an umbrella for security and safety.

But nevertheless, we never really felt anybody would invade us, did we?


Much of my decision-making, by the way, is based upon what happened on September the 11th.

The Gots, Part I

And before a President ever commits troops, you got to try diplomacy at all costs.

The Gots, Part II

I also told you earlier that when America speaks, we got to mean what we said.

Jobs Helps

And the enemy blew them up. And so what we’ve done now is we’ve gone to a more rational strategy to provide money for local folks, including our military, to help smaller projects, but projects that are able to connect with the people on the ground. You know, jobs helps a lot, if you’re trying to say, democracy is worth it.

Why Don’t We Get Us A Pig?

When we first got there, we said, why don’t we train us an army that will be able to protect from an outside threat.

They’re Still Danger

First it was go after coalition troops. They’re still danger for our troops, don’t get me wrong.

Free The Methodists!

You know, you don’t demand freedom just — more than Methodists demand freedom, let me put it to you that way. I’m a Methodist.

Coming Up, Not Fighting

I remember coming up in the Vietnam War and it seemed like that there was a — during the Vietnam War, there was a lot of politicization of the military decisions.

Bloggers, Too

One of the ways I like to describe what I’m trying to tell you is about my relationship with Prime Minister Koizumi of Japan. I say this all the time, as the press corps will tell you traveling with me — when is he ever going to quit saying that?

Aside From 100,000 Dead Iraqi Civilians

After the war — and by the way, it ended with an old doctrine of warfare, which is, destroy as many innocent people as you can to get the guilty to surrender. That’s changed, by the way, with the precision nature of our military, and the way we’re structured, and the way our troops think, is we now target the guilty and spare the innocent. That’s another subject if you got a question.

Hey, He Was Close

Europe is whole and free and at peace for a reason. We lost thousands of troops on the continent of Africa — on the continent of Europe since World War I.

Doesn’t Believe We Can Win

I strongly believe what we’re doing is the right thing. If I didn’t believe it — I’m going to repeat what I said before — I’d pull the troops out, nor if I believed we could win, I would pull the troops out.