News Hour story on levee cost

From Scout:

The News Hour with Jim Lehrer did an excellent story on fixing the Levees in Louisiana. It lays out what is occurring right now, the issues involved and the implications not only for Louisiana but the nation.

If you don’t think this affects you and more specifically to those who think that spending an estimated $3 billion to rebuild the levees in Plaquemines Parish is a waste then you really need to watch because you are wrong. And here is just one reason why. From the News Hour’s story….

VOICE OVER: Plaquemines Parish may not look like much, mile after mile of low lying wetlands protected on 2 sides by huge earthen levees. But the area is home to ¼ of the country’s oil and gas supplies. Major oil and gas refineries are also located here. And Sen. Boasso says if they are not protected it would have national implications.

SENATOR BOASSO: I would love to see what this country is going to do without 4 oil refineries. Imagine what their price of gasoline is going to be. Because if they don’t take care of this area you’re going to see the cost of gasoline go through the roof.(emphasis mine)

Do take the few minutes to watch this. It is must see. Click here for “Louisiana Levees Cost More Than Expected”